From Complexity to Clarity


Are you ready to finally master the Organic Acids test so that you can provide better results for your clients?

Do you want to actually be able to address larger patterns instead of just learning about the individual markers?

Here's the problem...

You feel overwhelmed by the extensive range of markers on the Organic Acid and Mycotoxins test and their implications in various health conditions

You are at a crossroads between theoretical knowledge and practical application. You are struggling with translating test results into effective, personalized protocols

You understand the importance of enhancing client outcomes and satisfaction, but you are struggling to accurately address results which may hinder the level of care you aspire to provide

You feel frustrated that the functional lab testing you currently use in your practice leaves you with unanswered questions about your clients' health

But imagine if you could…

  • Actually understand the markers on both the OAT and Mycotoxins test and their implications in health conditions
  • Have¬†real-world case studies and practical protocols, bridging¬†the gap between theoretical¬†knowledge and practice application, enhancing their ability to deliver tangible results for their clients
  • Improve¬†client outcomes through better understanding and application of the Organic Acid and Mycotoxin test
  • Understand the unique metabolic profiles of your clients to create targeted interventions that address root causes of their¬†health concerns, leading to lasting results and more impactful client outcomes

We get it!


We have been in your shoes, facing the same challenges that are holding you back. Whether it's the complexity of interpreting Organic Acid and Mycotoxin test results, feeling unsure about how to turn these results into effective protocols, these hurdles can seem daunting.


That's exactly why we are passionate about guiding you to confidently interpret and apply Organic Acid and Mycotoxin Testing in your practice, empowering you to deliver precise, personalized care that truly makes a difference in your clients' lives.

"Thank you SO SO much for all of the time, expertise, effort and care you have both put into the OAT Course. It is perfection and everything I have been looking for that aligns with the work I do. It surpasses the other OAT trainings I have completed (there have been many....)"
- Bella, FDN-P
Do you feel like this when looking at an organic acids test?


From Complex to Clarity

(Including BONUS Mold and Mycotoxins Mini Course!)


Are you ready to...

  • Feel more confident as a practitioner
  • Change your clients' lives¬†
  • ¬†Attract more clients in your business

Ready to change your business for the better?

Here’s a snapshot of what's included:
Module 1: Organic Acids

Organic Acids


You will learn how to interpret the organic acids lab and create customized protocols for your clients. We go over yeast, fungus, bacteria, mitochondrial markers, kreb cycle markers and more.

Mold & Mycotoxins


We will do a deep dive on mold, how it impacts health, mold detoxification pathways, mold and mycotoxins protocols, mold detoxification strategies and more.

Module 2: Mold & Mycotoxins
Module 3: Case Studies & Protocols

Case Studies & Protocols


We will take you through real life case studies where you will see clients test results and the exact protocols we used in our practice. 

Done For You Mold Mini Course


This done for you program can be imported into your Practice Better in less than 5 minutes so that you can start working with clients immediately. The course is educational content that your clients can feel supported and educated on their mold healing journey. You will also get done for you client handouts, done for you client presentations and more. 

Module 4: Done For You Mold Mini Course
Module 6: References, Resources & FAQs

References, Resources & FAQs


We will provide you with countless references, resources and answer frequently asked questions. 


Here's what they're saying...


What makes this course different?

  • You will learn from two experienced Practitioners who have¬†collectively run¬†over a thousand Organic Acid Tests
  • You will learn how to cut through the noise and overwhelm of the OAT and Mycotoxins tests and identify real world, actionable patterns and clinical application
  • You are going to learn the OAT in every day practice and learn real world clinical application
  • You will get comprehensive interpretation guides that will walk you through marker by marker for the Organic Acid and Mycotoxins labs and include help with protocol on each
  • We explain in language you can¬†actually comprehend¬†- we want this to be simple to grasp so you can start implementing Organic Acid and Mycotoxin testing in your practice¬†right away
  • Upon completion you will feel confident enough to run¬†the Organic Acid Test as a¬†core lab in your practice
  • You will get done for you content that you can use in your practice immediately¬†to better help your clients

Your Investment


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Here's what they're saying...



"Nicole is an incredible teacher. She is so knowledgeable and has so many good clinical nuggets to share. She has taught me so many new things about how utilize both Organic Acid and Mycotoxins labs in order to help my clients that suffer from mold toxicity. I would highly recommend this course to any practitioner wanting to expand their clinical knowledge."


Dr. Jessica Fish


"What sets Ryan apart is his talent for simplifying complex topics. Even if you don't have a background in science, Ryan breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand. For anyone contemplating this course, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Every time I go back to it, I pick up more "nuggets." His teaching is unparalleled, and you won't find anyone else in this field who explains concepts with such clarity and depth."


Rita, FDN-P



"Ryan is my favorite teacher in the functional health world because he is humble and brilliant. He makes the most complex ideas simple and understandable. He also always goes deep to the real root cause, and teaches you how to avoid the most common mistakes.¬† If you want to upgrade your functional work and care deeply about being an ethical practitioner, buy all of Ryan‚Äôs courses. Your clients will be grateful.‚ÄĚ

Alexandra, FDN-P

About Your Instructors...

Together, Ryan and Nicole have a combined:

  • 10+ years of combined experience
  • Have mentored hundreds of practitioners¬†
  • Have interpreted thousands of labs
  • Have created thousands of effective protocols
Ryan Monahan
Ryan Monahan

Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, FDN-P Level 3 and Certified AIP Coach. Ryan has personally recovered from mold illness, worked with countless clients and has mentored hundreds of practitioners over the past 7 years. 

Nicole Ritter
Nicole Ritter

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, FDN-P, Holistic Nutritionist, Health and Life Coach and founder of Automate Your Wellness Biz. Nicole has helped countless clients navigate through mold illness and has mentored dozens of practitioners.

The Organic Acids Test changed my life last fall - FOR GOOD

"I knew including the OAT in my Functional Nutrition practice was the next step after becoming proficient at running BiomeFx Microbiome Analysis Labs because both, in different ways, give you vast amounts of information about what is going on ‚Äúunder the hood‚ÄĚ of your health and wellbeing. But first I had to run one on myself.

I got the results and went crosseyed. It’s A LOT of complex information, but I knew there were important pearls in there that I would miss if I tried to interpret this myself.

So I hired Ryan FDN-P to uncross my eyes because of his reputation and experience with the OAT....and he's just a really nice guy who has also been a self-healer from his own auto-immune journey.

So much was revealed that I was able to take actionable steps on, but the life changer was the revelation of what was happening with my dopamine production. Ryan explained how and why my excessive dopamine production was affecting me and what steps I could take to remedy this.

I since have and I feel like a different person - for the first time in my life.

My anxiety is barely noticeable, I can take really deep breaths and I can slow down, which actually makes me more productive and my adrenals happier. 

Ryan is a brilliant educator who can break down complex topics into both fun and easily understandable explanations AND, AND! He has just launched an OATs master class, Organic Acids Testing Simplified.

I have been waiting excitedly for months for the launch so I can take another deep dive into my training as a practitioner and be able to offer OAT test interpretation to clients with comprehensive understanding and confidence.

I can't wait to get started!"

- Abbie Jean Ciullo